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Address No. 191, Tonle Sap Road, Chory Changvar, 10220 Phnom penh, Cambodia

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Instant Website Demo


Yoolk has just release a new feature - user engagement tool. This is to enable users to engage with Instant Website owner. There are 4 actions users can engage - Call, Walk In, SMS and Message
1. Call - Main business number are display. If user is using mobile phone, he/she can click to call.
2. Walk In - If the user prefer to visit the business, they can...

Yoolk & EC

About Yoolk

Our mission is to help SME perform better through internet technology. We intend to achieve that by creating an online collaborative and unified platform which comes with all essential applications on a single integrated innovative system to serve the SME.

We created Enterprise Centre (EC) for SME looking to improve their competitiveness and business performance by advantage of today’s internet technologies.

EC is not for SME only, is also a platform for Local Partners (Directory Publisher and digital Agency). Local Partners continue to be our trusted channel to serve the SME. We provide them new growth opportunities by serving the SME with scope of supply.

Beside developing for SME by our own, we host applications by 3rd party Service Providers (App developers, solution provider etc) onto EC, making their applications accessible by their target customer, the SME.

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