Yoolk & EC

About Yoolk

Our mission is to help SME perform better through internet technology. We intend to achieve that by creating an online collaborative and unified platform which comes with all essential applications on a single integrated innovative system to serve the SME.

We created Enterprise Centre (EC) for SME looking to improve their competitiveness and business performance by advantage of today’s internet technologies.

EC is not for SME only, is also a platform for Local Partners (Directory Publisher and digital Agency). Local Partners continue to be our trusted channel to serve the SME. We provide them new growth opportunities by serving the SME with scope of supply.

Beside developing for SME by our own, we host applications by 3rd party Service Providers (App developers, solution provider etc) onto EC, making their applications accessible by their target customer, the SME.

Enterprise Centre for Local Partners

Directory Publisher or Media and Advertising Agency, we would like to work with you as our local partner.

Your clients, SME, need a network of products to become successful. Some client may leave despite you provide good service; simply because you may not have the right product mix. Retain customers and attract new ones with EC. Yoolk brings together industry grade applications that widens your scope of supply to your clients.

SMEs are lost when go online. That's where you come in. EC make it easy and fast to fulfil and deliver your services. You practically can create a professional, multi-platform sites within hours. EC enables you to deliver an ongoing stream of additional services to your client. As you help your customer to promote their business and increase sales, Yoolk helps you to generate recurring revenue, increase customer loyalty and thrive in challenging, highly competitive market. 

Enterprise Centre for Service Provider

There are too many good applications but have great difficulties to reach their potential clients. It is either too costly and or takes too much time to setup your own sales team. In this digital era, time-to-market is everything. With EC, your applications can reach the target audience almost immediately; and the best part? Local Partners can help you to provide the 1st line of support to the SME. EC is an all-in-one, omni-channel, white-labeled, integrated marketing platform, designed specifically for service providers (Application developers and cloud solutions provider) to deliver your applications/solutions to the SME.

Enterprise Centre for SME

Enterprise Centre (EC) is the Cloud based Business Operating Platform for business management.
EC is the perfect solution for any SME looking to improve their competitiveness and business performance by taking advantage of today’s internet technologies.
EC is ideal for running more efficient business by saving time and money. Stay on top of the important aspects of business with up to date mobile and online internet solution.
EC is a complete dashboard system for your everyday business needs

  • Content Management
  • Customer Engagement
  • Marketing Services
  • Business Services
  • Business lntelligence