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We have developed a new Instant Website template; it is call “Material Design”. This template is design based on Google Material Design. Our current is using this new template.

Top 4 Advantages of using Material Design
1) Branding - Material design uses flat and light objects. It requires just two to three colors to brand the entire site.
2) User Engagement - In the era of Internet it is very important to engage users.
3) BETTER UI/UX - UI/Ux is medium of communication between You and the User. Material Design takes care of the user experience. It deeply interact with user. Material Design has responsive & meaningful interactions. You can delight the user by integrating material design in your site.
4) Cost Effective - Google Introduced material design for web interfaces too. Just One prototype design can be used for web , mobile, and APP.

I encourage you to experiment with this new template. Once you change to this new template, chances is your cover photo will be reset to default image. To use back those existing cover photos, just go Enterprise Centre > Instant Website > Cover Photo > Click "+" at the bottom right corner > Click “cover Photos” and select those cover photos you previously use. Select and resize to suit the new template.