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Yoolk has just release a new feature - user engagement tool. This is to enable users to engage with Instant Website owner. There are 4 actions users can engage - Call, Walk In, SMS and Message
1. Call - Main business number are display. If user is using mobile phone, he/she can click to call.
2. Walk In - If the user prefer to visit the business, they can click the “Walk In” button and a map will be display. If the user further click the map, it will open Google Map (with route plotted) in new tab. If user using this with a smart phone, it will open his/her guided map on the phone.
3. If the user is using mobile phone to access the site, he will see another button - “SMS”. Click this, user can then SMS the business owner.
4. Message - User can message the business owner and it will be send to their InBox and the owner will receive a email notification.
Please note 
* Option 1 to 3 will only be shown during working hours of the business establishment.
* Option 3 only display when user is using smart phone to access the website.